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At Treasured Smiles Children’s Dentistry, Duane C. Clouse, PC, we want to do everything we can to ensure a positive dental experience for your child. We start by having a fun, friendly environment as soon as you walk in the door. But for many kids, going to the dentist can be kind of scary. There are all kinds of new sights and sounds. In order to help kids with anxiety about the dentist, we provide several sedation options.

Sedation dentistry is used to help patients of all ages feel calmer and more at ease while in the dentist’s chair. It can range from quite mild to deep, depending on the patient and procedure. And of course, every sedation option Dr. Duane C. Clouse uses is completely safe for children.

One of the most common sedation options is nitrous oxide, or laughing gas. Nitrous oxide has been used for decades, and helps patients relax during a treatment. It is a mild sedative, meaning patients are still fully conscious and can communicate needs. It can cause some people to feel light and giddy, hence the nickname. It wears off quickly after treatment, and typically has no side effects.

We also employ stronger forms of sedation during some procedures. For very young children or those with high anxiety, we may use oral conscious sedation. Here, an oral medication is taken prior to treatment that will calm your child, but still leave him or her awake. On rare occasions, deep IV sedation may be necessary. In this case, a pediatric dental anesthesiologist will administer and monitor medication throughout the treatment.

Your child’s wellbeing is our first priority. To learn more about how sedation dentistry can help your child get the dental care he or she needs, please call our Maricopa, AZ, office today.