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Why is baby bottle tooth decay so common? Although the name is rarely used, baby bottle tooth decay in young children occurs far more often than it should. The main culprit responsible for the elevated number of cases is sugar. Sugar actively wears down tooth enamel and creates harmful acids capable of causing dental erosion. In many cases, the sugars that affect your child may be coming from their bottle.

Never allow a child to drink overly sugary products. This includes sports drinks, energy drinks, and fruit juice with added sugar. Also, never coat the top of a bottle with a sweet substance like honey, even if you do it solely for the purpose of training your child to enjoy their bottle.

If you child is at least 6 months old, at least one tooth should be visible, as that is the time a child’s teeth begin erupting. If any teeth are visible, they should be cared for until they are at least six years old and have shown they can do their daily oral health care tasks effectively on their own. Until then, use a dab of toothpaste on their teeth at least twice per day.

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