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Baby bottle tooth decay is a common disorder seen in children who are exposed to additional tooth decay, often brought on by baby bottles. This can happen because a baby bottle often contains products that can be harmful to your child’s teeth. This can include juices and sugars in milk that, if left on your child’s teeth for extended periods of time, can damage them. As a general rule, limit your child’s exposure to juice, sugar water, soft drinks, or any other overly sugary products.

One of the most important steps you can take to prevent baby bottle tooth decay is to ensure that your child does not sleep with a bottle in their mouth. The bottled liquid could pool in their mouth and can damage their teeth and potentially hinder their progress for a healthy smile. Instead, a pacifier can be used a substitute. However, do not coat the pacifier in a sugary substance to help the baby become more adjusted to using it. Although it may help calm them, sugars found in honey and other sweet substances can damage their teeth as well.

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