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Did you know that the care your child exhibits with their teeth at a young age can affect how their permanent teeth may grow in and function later in life? Oftentimes, children neglect their baby teeth without much fuss from parents because they see no reason to save something they will be losing soon anyways. However, preparing your mouth at a young age can help ensure your permanent teeth do not erupt incorrectly and become malocclusions that will take years of orthodontic care in the future to correct. You also want to ensure you child practices good oral hygiene to prevent infections and other oral ailments.

Start teaching your child how to properly brush as soon as their first tooth begins to grow in. Even though a normal child will not be able to brush on their own until they are around 6 years old, if you do it every day with them, by the time they are old enough, brushing should be extremely common and second nature. Typically, a child’s first tooth will appear before they are 1 years old, from around 6 to 10 months of age.

For children that are under three years of age, very little toothpaste is required. On average, a scoop about the size of a rice grain will suffice. For children over three, you will still only need about a pea-sized scoop per session. Do not use just any regular toothpaste you find on a store shelf, but instead make sure that it has the ADA Seal of Acceptance from the American Dental Association, or make sure it is approved by your pediatrician. Never let your child share their toothbrush with others and ensure that they store it upright in a safe spot. Replace the child’s brush every few months, or sooner if required.

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