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We’ve all had a time or two when we’ve accidentally nipped our tongue while eating food or chewing gum. Even though this might give you a little shock and minor pain, it’s rarely a cause for concern. There are other times when a hard fall or blow to the face can significantly injure your tongue. In extreme cases, some people have actually bitten through their tongue.

If the injury is severe or if there is excessive bleeding and pain, you should consider going directly to the emergency room. If the injury isn’t critical, your dentist, Dr. Duane C. Clouse, offers these tips for providing first aid for an injured tongue:

-You can try to stop the bleeding by wrapping your tongue in a few layers of sterile gauze and applying light pressure. If you can’t easily hold the gauze with your fingers, you could try pressing your tongue to the roof of your mouth.

-If the bleeding persists after 20 minutes or if the pain is getting worse, you should strongly consider going the emergency room to seek further treatment.

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