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If you are a parent, you understand how important your kid’s health is. You may also be aware that there are quite a few things you should do to help your child stay strong. However, are you aware that caring for your child’s health should be a priority? Furthermore, did you know that it’s important for you to clean your infant’s smile before their first tooth breaks through your gums?

Naturally, you can’t brush a tooth that hasn’t come in yet, but you can—and should— clean their gums using a clean, damp cloth. We also suggest wiping down their pearly whites every time they eat. When you clean your child’s gums, try holding your little one in your lap so you can see inside their mouth.

You should also remember to brush your child’s teeth twice every day for two minutes at a time once their first tooth breaks through their gums. When you start brushing their pearly whites, you should use a toothbrush with soft bristles. It’s also important for you to use a children’s toothpaste that doesn’t have fluoride in it. You’ll also need to floss your little one’s teeth when they first start to touch.

Finally, please be aware of a dental problem known as baby bottle tooth decay. You see, if you give your baby a bottle with milk or juice in it right before bed, they’ll be much more vulnerable to tooth decay since they’ll be exposed to sugar. If your children have trouble sleeping without their bottle, you may try filling it with water.

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