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You know that it can be hard to help your kids open their mouths when it’s time to brush their teeth. But it’s very important to help your children brush their teeth–especially if you want them to enjoy a healthy smile. Do you ever wonder what you can do to make brushing fun so your children won’t fight it?

First, we recommend letting your child make a few decisions, such as brushing choosing his or her toothbrush and toothpaste. As you’ve probably guessed, if kids enjoy the flavor of their toothpaste, they’ll enjoy brushing more overall. Similarly, if they like their toothbrush, they’ll be happier to use it. Children usually like a brush that’s their favorite color or that has a favorite cartoon character on it.

Second, you could make brushing time a game. A few ideas include taking turns brushing and letting your children brush their teeth and then you can brush your teeth. Singing songs may also help. You may decide on one of your children’s favorite songs or find songs written to make brushing more enjoyable.

You may be able to find an app that can help your children’s brushing experience. Offering incentives could also help, even if the incentives are relatively small, such as stickers or books. Doing these things could help your kids understand how important brushing and oral hygiene really are.

If you have any question or concerns about your children’s oral health, we can help. Our dentist, Dr. Duane C. Clouse, and our team will examine your children’s teeth and gums and help you keep their smile healthy. If you would like to schedule an appointment with us, please call Treasured Smiles Children’s Dentistry, Duane C. Clouse, PC at 520-316-6111. We look forward to hearing from you.