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When looking for a teething treatment for your child, it is important to ensure your child receives the attention and care they deserve. All children experience teething differently, with some experiencing more pain and discomfort than others. The first step to helping your child when they are teething is identifying the symptoms and signs that it is occurring.

Because your children may be too young to tell you of their ailment, it is often up to the caregiver to notice the signs that your child is teething. Typically, you child will begin teething when they are around six months of age, or as soon as the first tooth begins to appear. Symptoms include a change in your child’s irritability, excessive fussiness, appetite loss, and an increase in drool. Your child’s sleep patterns may also be affected. Severe symptoms can occur, such as rash, fever, and diarrhea, which will require treatment from your pediatrician as soon as possible.

There are some treatments you can give your child to help them cope with minor symptoms of teething. This can include giving them utensils to chew on, including teething rings, small spoons, and gauze pads. If administered by their pediatrician, teething tablets may also be used.

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