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You already have a general dentist, but now you have a new baby and are wondering where to bring him (or her) when the first tooth comes in. It can be confusing, but we’re here to help you out! Below are some reasons why a pediatric dentist is an ideal choice for your baby.

As you may know, there are various specialties within the field of dentistry. Each specialty means that the dentist not only went to dental school, but they received additional training and focus upon a unique aspect of dentistry like gum disease (periodontist), surgery (oral surgeon), teeth straightening (orthodontist), etc. One of these specialties, pediatric dentistry, pertains to treating the teeth of babies and young children. They also can help those patients with behavioral issues and special needs that follow them through adulthood. Indeed, some patients will keep their pediatric dentist throughout their lifetimes.

The pediatric dentist will know how best to treat the developing teeth of a child, understand the unique problems children and those with special needs face, and has experience with the complexities of the growth and development of the teeth of a child. Apart from the technical aspects of their specific profession, the pediatric dentist also knows how to make your child feel at ease at the dentist—a common problem associated with many adults as well.

The office and decor of a pediatric dentist are bright and focused upon the very young. There may be plenty of distractions (like toys and cartoons) in the waiting room, and the equipment and dental instruments are child-sized for comfortability.

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