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Just like in any situation or place, there are generally accepted ways to behave at the dentist’s office. You can use the following suggestions to help your children practice good behavior before, during, and after their dental appointment.


Sleep can make a night-and-day difference for how your kids behave at the dentist’s office. A cranky child is not a calm child, so ensure your child gets a full night’s sleep — and maybe a nap — before their dental visit. Also, think about bringing their favorite comfort items or toys. A favorite item or toy close by can help your child understand that visits to the dentist’s office can be enjoyable and pleasant.

Before you leave your house, treat your child to a light, healthy snack like grapes or apples. Even a small treat can make visiting the dentist a lot more peaceful for you and your child. If your child has never visited the dentist, or if they don’t know why visiting the dentist regularly is important, try explaining why dental visits are vital for keeping teeth healthy. Understanding the importance of dental appointments can help children relieve stress that could lead to misbehaving.


Give your child activities to focus on or items to play with in the waiting area. A toy, a video game, or even homework can distract your child while they wait. Also, remain calm and close to your child during your visit. If your child has the wiggles, try walking around together while you wait.


After your appointment, immediately recognize your child for their good behavior. Acknowledgement is a great motivator, so if your child behaved well during their visit, then let them know! Don’t forget to remind them about their good behavior habits before further appointments.

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