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Your child’s first dental exam is vital by the time they reach age 1. This is very important in preventing decay and cavities, because children can get their first cavity by the age of 2 if their oral health care is not taken care of. Even if there may be some apprehension when you take them for their first dental appointment, be sure to bring them into Dr. Duane C. Clouse’s office where we specialize in providing a professional and comfortable pediatric experience for your child.

When you take your child to the pediatrician, there are many things you can count on. Our team specializes in the development and health of children’s teeth by accommodating your child’s size with smaller, adjusted dental equipment. This dental exam equipment is specifically designed for their comfortability while making them feel comfortable in an intimidating experience.

Your child’s dental visit will include the following in your discussion with their pediatrician:

– Stopping accidents to the face or mouth
– Milestones in their dental development
– The oral health and diet of your child
– Your child’s medical history
– Proper dental care for their mouth
– Daily fluoride use
– Bad oral habits (such as thumb sucking) prevention

Treasured Smiles Children’s Dentistry, Duane C. Clouse, PC here in Maricopa, Arizona, wants to provide the oral care your child needs to have a lifetime of good dental health. This preventative care will give them a better chance of fighting against dental dangers. Give us a call at 520-316-6111 to schedule your child’s next dental appointment or even a consultation today!