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Did you know that a child will begin teething around 6 to 10 months of age when their first tooth begins to erupt above the gum line? Around this time, the pain and discomfort caused by teething may be present. Teething is a natural part of baby teeth growing in, but it can still be painful.

A few teething remedies to consider include your finger, a cold spoon, a cold washcloth, cold food, breastfeeding, cold fruit, over the counter teething gel for babies, or even a sippy cup if they are old enough for one. Teething tablets contain an ingredient called benzocaine which could be harmful to your baby, so avoid using teething tablets unless given directly under strict instructions by your pediatrician.

Typically, your child will exhibit signs of teething. Often this could include an increased amount of crying and a lack of diet. If they appear to be restless at night more than usual and are drooling more often, they could be teething. However, some side effects should warrant a visit with your pediatrician. This includes diarrhea, fevers that may come and go, and rashes on their body.

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